Why is This Campaign So Irresponsible and Harmful?

The dissemination of disinformation about the quality of care at Maimonides presents a risk to the communities we serve.
  • By attacking the hospital, this campaign effectively discourages residents from seeking our care for emergencies and chronic or acute care that saves lives
  • The consequences for public health and safety could be serious
  • Maimonides offers access to many advanced, life-saving services and disease management programs – including Brooklyn’s only children’s hospital and only pediatric trauma center – not offered or easily accessible at any other local hospital
The campaign’s bizarre allegation that Maimonides is “overfunded” and should be paid less for its services is both factually wrong and contrary to our community’s needs and interests.
  • When Medicaid pays only 61 cents for every dollar of care delivered, and hospitals like Maimonides are fighting for a more equitable reimbursement model to make up the difference, to baselessly suggest that existing funding is somehow more than enough only threatens to deprive our communities of much-needed resources
  • The campaign’s position that there ought to be less funding for healthcare to Borough Park, Sunset Park, and surrounding communities shows that this campaign to “save Maimonides” is anything but 
The attack demoralizes and unfairly criticizes our staff’s dedication to the care of our patients – efforts which have been nothing short of heroic over the past two years.
  • Many of our nurses and other staff members have been a part of the Maimonides family for generations, and are invested in delivering exceptional care to their patients
  • By making unsubstantiated allegations of financial mismanagement, employees may be left to unnecessarily question their job security—further exacerbating industry challenges with retention and recruitment 

What Can You Do?


Correct The Record

Please share these facts with friends and family who might inquire with you about the campaign, or with anyone else you think should know the truth.

Contact Your Representatives

If you are a Maimonides employee and/or live or work in Brooklyn, let your elected officials know how this misleading campaign makes you feel, and advocate for a more equitable model of healthcare funding distribution. Find who your representatives are at mygovnyc.org.

Share Your Stories

We invite you to share positive stories from patients and families who appreciate the clinical care and compassion of our staff.

Sign Our Petition

Maimonides is a pillar of excellence and provides essential health care as Brooklyn’s largest hospital. Show your support and pride for it by signing this petition.

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