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Maimonides Medical Center is the target of an aggressive public disinformation campaign that seeks to disparage the quality of care we provide, discourage residents from using the hospital, and disengage employees.

Like most hospitals, we’ve faced tremendous challenges during the pandemic, and while we constantly strive to do better, the fact is that we achieve patient outcomes that are among the best in the country. We couldn’t be prouder of the work we do. Read the open letter from our Board of Trustees.

This divisive, misleading campaign – which has been disavowed by our physicians and our labor partners from 1199-SEIU, NYSNA, and CIR – will only harm the institution, its workforce, and the communities it serves. Let’s keep Maimonides strong by working together on what we do best – taking care of patients and achieving top clinical outcomes.

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Why Is This Campaign So Harmful?

Disinformation Puts Lives at Risk

This campaign threatens to encourage residents to avoid seeking care at our hospitals for emergencies and chronic or acute care, and the consequences for public health and safety could be serious.

The attack undermines our workers’ dedication

Our staff's efforts have been nothing short of heroic over the past two years. The campaign's recent attempt to pose as union representatives is irresponsible.

Allegations Threaten Equitable Funding

The bizarre suggestion that a safety net hospital is "over-funded" risks depriving our communities of much-needed resources.

We're Committed To You

Maimonides has long distinguished itself as committed to engaging and serving Brooklyn’s diverse communities with cultural sensitivity for all.

“If the doctors hadn’t quickly pinpointed the problem, Amber would have suffered permanent damage. They were able to identify this once-in-a-lifetime occurrence strictly from their knowledge and save my baby’s life.” 
“I will forever be grateful to Maimonides’ NICU for taking care of my son just like their own child. The nurses were extremely nice, giving me updates and answering every one of my questions and concerns. He was in the safest place he could be.”
"My life has improved a whole lot. One of the things I really wanted to do…was to be able to run again because I haven't run for years, and I didn't think it was possible. And I was able to run for the first time last year. It was incredible... the care is just exceptional."
"I was lucky enough to come here and give birth, and have a team available to give me what I needed in order to survive. The people and the care is above and beyond. They saved my life."
“Everyone at Maimonides was really cordial. I can’t say enough about them. They were all great, from the person at the front desk to Dr. Frankel’s entire medical team.”
"We just want to extend our gratitude to the nurses and medical staff who helped to care for our son, and get us through a really difficult time while we were in the NICU."

We Are #MaimoProud

Through difficult times, our staff have been resilient, they’ve been dedicated, they’ve been going above and beyond, and making it work.

What Can You Do?


Correct The Record

Please share these facts with friends and family who might inquire with you about the campaign, or with anyone else you think should know the truth.

Contact Your Representatives

If you are a Maimonides employee and/or live or work in Brooklyn, let your elected officials know how this misleading campaign makes you feel, and advocate for a more equitable model of healthcare funding distribution. Find who your representatives are at

Share Your Stories

We invite you to share positive stories from patients and families who appreciate the clinical care and compassion of our staff.

Sign Our Petition

Maimonides is a pillar of excellence and provides essential health care as Brooklyn’s largest hospital. Show your support and pride for it by signing this petition.

We Thank You

We are grateful for the continued support and dedication of our patients, employees, and communities to provide exceptional healthcare to all Brooklynites.

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