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Maimonides Medical Center is the target of an aggressive public disinformation campaign. Their attempt is to disparage the quality of care we provide—despite the simple fact that we achieve patient outcomes that are among the best in the country, right here in our backyard.

Year after year, Maimonides earns statewide and national accolades from third-party organizations for exceptional clinical outcomes.
  • Most recently, 2021 and 2022 performance data from the federal government, the New York State Department of Health, Healthgrades, and clinical accreditation agencies validated the continued exceptional quality of care which Maimonides is proud to deliver to Brooklynites
  • Among these accolades, Maimonides is #1 in NY State for heart attack survival, among the top 1% of hospitals in the U.S. for stroke outcomes, and among the top 50 hospitals in the U.S. for cardiac surgery. Additional details can be found at
Maimonides is committed to engaging and serving Brooklyn’s diverse communities with cultural sensitivity to all.
  • From patient relations and advocacy to language translation, community-based health education and partnerships with faith-based and social service agency partners, Maimonides strives to understand and meet the changing needs of this diverse borough we are proud to call home
  • Maimonides continually seeks feedback, in multiple languages, from every single patient we serve—it’s how we get better every day
  • Consistent with Maimonides’ mission, the organization is dedicated to providing culturally sensitive and appropriate care to patients of all faiths and backgrounds
  • Maimonides’ Board of Trustees is composed largely of people who live in the neighborhoods we serve and who represent a broad range of our communities
Allegations of financial mismanagement are falsehoods based on data taken out of context.
  • Hospitals across the U.S., including Maimonides, have faced systemic financial challenges resulting from the pandemic
  • Federal relief funds were allocated only for 2020, even as the pandemic wore on
  • President and CEO Ken Gibbs did NOT receive a raise or bonus in 2020 
Maimonides has maintained its historical clinical excellence despite a deeply inequitable reimbursement system that systemically underfunds hospitals that serve Brooklyn’s most vulnerable communities.
  • Borough Park and Sunset Park contain the borough’s highest concentrations of Medicaid enrollees, and over half of Maimonides’ inpatients are insured by Medicaid
  • Medicaid has not increased its payment rates in 13 years, and in fact, pays only 61 cents for every dollar of care delivered. Learn more about the current fight for Medicaid rate adequacy at
  • Maimonides, along with over 15 other New York hospitals, has been identified as needing and deserving large amounts of supplemental funding in order to preserve equitable access to care. 

Our labor partners have made their members aware of the campaign’s inexcusable exploitation and misrepresentation of staff.

  • From 1199: “This is a disingenuous, fake “grassroots” campaign to sow division and exploit the real challenges we face at work such as short staffing”
  • From NYSNA: “Unfortunately, now an outside group is trying to use our dedication for their own political gain”

In the face of nationwide nursing shortages, Maimonides continues to successfully recruit new nurses.

  • Maimonides has hired more than 230 nurses in the past 6 months, with more coming on board
  • We regularly hold recruiting sessions to bring on more nurses

What Can You Do?


Correct The Record

Please share these facts with friends and family who might inquire with you about the campaign, or with anyone else you think should know the truth.

Contact Your Representatives

If you are a Maimonides employee and/or live or work in Brooklyn, let your elected officials know how this misleading campaign makes you feel, and advocate for a more equitable model of healthcare funding distribution. Find who your representatives are at

Share Your Stories

We invite you to share positive stories from patients and families who appreciate the clinical care and compassion of our staff.

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Maimonides is a pillar of excellence and provides essential health care as Brooklyn’s largest hospital. Show your support and pride for it by signing this petition.

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