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We're Committed To You

Maimonides has long distinguished itself as committed to engaging and serving Brooklyn’s diverse communities with cultural sensitivity for all.

Notes of Appreciation

Our patients, families, and their communities express their gratitude for the care they received at Maimonides.


“My son was born prematurely. The pediatrician always told me it was a miracle that he survived. Here I am very grateful to all the staff in the NICU. They are very kind, friendly, and professional. Because my English is not good enough, they always help me find a translator. They take care of my son, helping to do video calls so we can see my son when we’re home. I have so many words I want to say, but their dedication to my son cannot be expressed in simple words. They not only saved my son's life but the hope of my whole family."
Sophia Chen, Liam's Mother
"When my 85-year old father was brought into the Maimonides ER for low blood pressure and an elevated heart rate, Irada, a nurse practitioner, was brought in to help care for him. She was very professional and attentive, and had an excellent bedside manner. She spoke to my father in Russian so that he could be involved and not just feel like it was the doctors and I making medical decisions on his behalf. This wasn’t our first time at Maimonides, but this visit exceeded our expectations.
“If the doctors hadn’t quickly pinpointed the problem, Amber would have suffered permanent damage. They were able to identify this once-in-a-lifetime occurrence strictly from their knowledge and save my baby’s life.” 
“I will forever be grateful to Maimonides’ NICU for taking care of my son just like their own child. The nurses were extremely nice, giving me updates and answering every one of my questions and concerns. He was in the safest place he could be.”
"My life has improved a whole lot. One of the things I really wanted to do…was to be able to run again because I haven't run for years, and I didn't think it was possible. And I was able to run for the first time last year. It was incredible... the care is just exceptional."


"I was lucky enough to come here and give birth, and have a team available to give me what I needed in order to survive. The people and the care is above and beyond. They saved my life."
“Everyone at Maimonides was really cordial. I can’t say enough about them. They were all great, from the person at the front desk to Dr. Frankel’s entire medical team.”
"We just want to extend our gratitude to the nurses and medical staff who helped to care for our son, and get us through a really difficult time while we were in the NICU."
At the Seder we all said “Lifichach anachnu chayavim.” Pesach is a Yom Tov of Hakaras Hatov. I would like to take these few lines to express our deepest appreciation to the devoted members of Hatzolah – really unsung heroes! My esteemed mother-in-law fell down a flight of steps in our apartment on Erev Pessach – the response time, the caring, the unbelievable sensitivity is something that I can not begin to describe. You would think that these people are not making Yom Tov! They gave of themselves 150%. Baruch Hashem, miraculously, she wasn’t badly hurt, just shaken up and bruised. I joined them in the ambulance and watched how professionally they admitted her to the Maimonides trauma center, and I was extremely impressed with the doctors and nurses in that division of Maimonides. They all jumped to see what they could do for her, kept us informed, displayed sensitivity to the fact that it was Yom Tov, and really treated all of us very well. As my mother-in-law stabilized, another patient was wheeled into the trauma center. A 17 year old, who had been stabbed numerous times – obviously this generated a very concentrated response on behalf of the trauma team, yet they left my mother-in-law very cared for, not losing sight that each patient is important. As impressed as I was with the Maimonides staff, it was heart warming for me to see, that the Hatzolah members who were standing there, offered and got involved in the other patients trauma, offering help and assistance in anyway possible, without inquiring re community or religious affiliation – a life is a life! So here we are Pesach evening, nothing to eat, nothing to drink, and wondering what will be with the Seder? Then, some Malachim walk in carrying grape juice, matzah, fully prepared seder plates, with everything down to the salt water, and full meals. The volunteers from Yad Efraim – I am sure they all had families waiting at home, but first they came to the hospital and made sure that every person that needed anything for the Seder was taken care of. Unbelievable! Hashem Yisborach should bless them, reward these volunteers and their families with much gezunt and nachas! Thank You Hatzaloh, Thank You Maimonides Hospital, and Thank You Yad Efraim!
Rabbi Yitzchok Gottdiener Executive Director Yeshiva Torah Vodaath on behalf of the Katz, Gottdiener, Milworn families

We Are Committed to You

Maimonides has long distinguished itself as uniquely committed to engaging and serving Brooklyn’s diverse communities with cultural and religious sensitivity to all.

We Are #MaimoProud

Through difficult times, our staff have been resilient, they’ve been dedicated, they’ve been going above and beyond, and making it work.

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