Our Staff

We Are #MaimoProud

Through difficult times, our staff have been resilient, they’ve been dedicated, they’ve been going above and beyond, and making it work.

Words of Appreciation

Through difficult times, our staff have been resilient, they’ve been dedicated, they’ve been going above and beyond, and making it work.

We Are #MaimoProud

"Our successful partnerships with community organizations, youth agencies, high schools, and colleges provide our volunteers and students with a unique opportunity. They bring immeasurable comfort to our patients and their loved ones while gaining important work and learning experience and getting satisfaction from giving to others. They also contribute excellent care and significant assistance to our clinical and administrative staff. I am honored and proud to be a part of one of the largest volunteer departments in New York and a member of the Maimonides family!"
Alla Zats, Director, Department of Volunteer and Student Services
"I have worked with Maimonides for 18 years – four years in the Breast Center and 14 years with department of OB/GYN. We not only care for our patients, but we make our patients feel cared for. I have the utmost confidence in our programs, as we have an amazing team of physicians and nurses. As a mother whose children are the beats of my heart and the air I breath, I wouldn’t think of having them go to any other facility but Maimonides. I do work here, but the fact that I have my children and grandchildren taken care of by our physicians, speaks volumes. My Life, My Family, Maimonides.”
Grace Gallo, Director of Special Projects, Perinatal Unit, OB/GYN, Women’s Health Institute
“I started working at Maimonides in 2008, and have since been coming here for all of my healthcare needs. From mammography or bronchitis, to broken bones and two back surgeries, Maimo is my go-to. The courtesy, thoughtfulness and kindness I received during my 2019 post-op hospital stays made me feel pampered and loved (shout out to Gellman 8!). Though I live in Queens and am much closer to the Manhattan hospitals, I’m a loyal Maimo customer. Maimonides is where I feel safe and taken of – this is my family – these are the people I trust most. I’m #maimoproud.”
Jodi Cross, Director of Internal Communications
"I have been practicing pharmacy at Maimonides Health for 43 years. I stand behind the services my colleagues and I provide our patients, as well as the nurses, physicians, and other healthcare workers. I am proud of the relationships we maintain with our staff, as together we provide our patients with the best medication therapy for their treatment, enhancing the patient’s experience. I personally look to Maimonides for my own health care and have recommended with confidence to others in my life."
Snapper Romano, RPh, MS, MBA, Associate Director, Pharmacy
"Lorem ipsum. My life has improved a whole lot. One of the things I really wanted to do…was to be able to run again because I haven't run for years, and I didn't think it was possible. And I was able to run for the first time last year. It was incredible... the care is just exceptional."
Judith Marius
"Lorem Ipsum. Word can't express, I would definitely recommend Maimonides. I was lucky enough to come here and give birth, and have a team available to give me what I needed in order to survive. The people and the care is above and beyond. They saved my life."

We Are Committed to You

Maimonides has long distinguished itself as uniquely committed to engaging and serving Brooklyn’s diverse communities with cultural and religious sensitivity to all.

We Are #MaimoProud

Through difficult times, our staff have been resilient, they’ve been dedicated, they’ve been going above and beyond, and making it work.

What Can You Do?


Correct The Record

Please share these facts with friends and family who might inquire with you about the campaign, or with anyone else you think should know the truth.

Contact Your Representatives

If you are a Maimonides employee and/or live or work in Brooklyn, let your elected officials know how this misleading campaign makes you feel, and advocate for a more equitable model of healthcare funding distribution. Find who your representatives are at mygovnyc.org.

Share Your Stories

We invite you to share positive stories from patients and families who appreciate the clinical care and compassion of our staff.

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